M&A Strategy And Value Creation

We offer complete advisory services in conducting processes of buying or selling companies (M&A), joint ventures, and identifying investors for company capitalization with optimization of capital structure or technological contribution.

With over 25 years of experience in transactions of buying and selling large and medium-sized companies from various sectors, we have a professional expertise of excellence, resulting in successful transactions and applying the necessary knowledge to maximize the chances of achieving desired results.

In the current scenario, where many companies experience an accelerated process of transformation in all organizational levels, it is necessary to monitor the impact of changes in the sector, ensuring operational efficiency, liquidity, and cash availability.

Reinventing oneself requires planning and efficient use of resources. In addition to strategic vision, it is necessary to have agility and efficiency to seize opportunities.

A well-developed sector analysis ensures that the assumed risks are manageable and enhances the company’s growth in the medium term, being the safest way to promote complementary expansion and diversification movements in business, articulate partnerships and joint ventures with other companies.

This allows for a better understanding of the organization’s position in the economic context where it operates and what the main trends are. Additionally, it helps identify opportunities to be exploited to increase the chances of business success. We assist companies from various segments in the development and implementation of investment and market opening strategies, evaluating local opportunities, competition, and regulatory trends.

During the negotiation process for investments in a company, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the viability of the business. Analyzing the relevant sources of value and risk of a target company can increase your chances of a successful transaction.

That’s why our approach to commercial due diligence is designed to support decision-making based on return on investment analysis, evaluating the competitiveness of the target company, its financial and business plans, and assessing opportunities for value creation, as well as assisting in setting parameters for pricing and getting to know the internal aspects of the company’s tax, labor, accounting, and legal life.

To achieve the maximum potential in delivering value from a transaction, a business plan with well-defined strategy and objectives focused on the integration of the companies involved is necessary. This minimizes risks post-transaction, identifies opportunities, and increases the value of the business, bringing agility to integrations and providing a sustainable functioning of the company as quickly as possible.

Our team has extensive experience in carve-outs across various industries and can assist management teams in developing and implementing detailed, realistic, and efficient separation plans, ensuring that the carved-out company is operational on day one after the deal closing.

Carve-out operations have been a growing trend in recent years. Whether divesting part of the company or selling it off entirely, a carve-out process offers the opportunity to question and optimize the operational model of the entity to be divested. A spin-off usually precedes the total spin-off of the subsidiary to the controlling shareholders, and we offer complete support for the divestment.

We have a highly qualified team that conducts a study on the operational capacity of the company, risks, bottlenecks, and best practices used in the corporate environment, allowing for a deep understanding of the operational advantages and potential of the target company, as well as its operations, organizational structure, and sustainability in the future.

The operational Due Diligence assessment identifies if there are possibilities for improvements, processes that can be incorporated, operational barriers, or even the need for further investments in the company.

In order for all opportunities identified during the transaction process to reach their maximum potential, a rigorous post-transaction monitoring is necessary. At this point, there must be agility in making strategic decisions, as it is in this phase that the benefits and value of the transaction need to be realized. We have a team prepared to develop a practical approach with realistic and achievable objectives for operational improvement.