Turnaround and Restructuring

We offer comprehensive advisory services to recover the value and performance of companies in crisis or at risk, due to declining financial, operational, or market performance.

Quick and assertive decision-making is crucial to minimize losses and overcome strategies that have proven ineffective.

Through deep and precise interventions, we lead the restructuring process, assuming interim management and operation of the company, assisting creditors in critical situations to identify problems and develop effective solutions to ensure control and success in this work.

Our solutions:

Cash flow is an excellent ally to strategic planning and can be used as an auxiliary tool in the decision-making processes of companies, providing a deep diagnosis of the identified problems and a complete view of the business’s financial life.

Performing a detailed analysis and monitoring the data through cash flow management is essential for the restructuring of companies. An efficient cash management process can optimize liquidity, intensify cost-saving measures, and open up new cash generation opportunities.

We have a highly specialized team and complete and innovative solutions to make an accurate diagnosis with evaluations of the entire financial scenario of your business, enabling the making of assertive decisions through reliable data regarding the forecast of average expenses, income, and outflow of resources.

We have a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience in various sectors to assist your company in developing a business plan with a realistic view of its financial health and identifying relevant information through customized solutions throughout the financial restructuring process.

This service enables the redesign of the company’s financial process, seeks recovery and control of its economy, improves its performance, and enables stability of its operations by implementing a long-term revitalization and financial restructuring plan aimed at restoring credibility with stakeholders and enhancing value creation.

We have an integrated and independent team of specialists with extensive experience to understand your company’s needs impartially, focusing on debt and capital consulting.

We have relationships with key financial agents in the credit market to renegotiate your company’s debt. In addition to offering support in tax, legal, and regulatory matters, we assist in the process and evaluation of options and development of solutions for debt raising, refinancing, or changes to existing financial agreements, achieving significant results and increased profitability.

Situations of crisis and liquidity shortages demand swift and consistent operational restructuring measures. These measures mainly involve cost reduction, debt renegotiation, and tactical and strategic changes aimed at financial rebalancing, process improvement, efficiency, and profitability, seeking to ensure the survival of the company and the resumption of its profitability and value generation, promoting short-term operational improvement.

Our main goal is to maximize efficiency, productivity, and synchronization of company resources and functions, with a view to meeting market demands, evaluating and redefining internal processes in all areas of the company, in order to implement greater efficiency, productivity, and margin and cash generation, aiming to recover or maintain economic viability (positive EBITDA) and meet the resource needs for financial restructuring.

Strategic planning is fundamental to reduce costs and ensure efficiency, just as corporate simplification is essential for companies that want to grow in the long term.

The dissolution of inactive companies through the most appropriate method minimizes errors and risks to directors, as well as adding agility and efficiency to companies of all sizes and sectors, reducing operational costs and eliminating unnecessary expenses with corporate governance.

We have an excellent team to assist your company throughout the process and reorganization of the company in an effective manner, improving the performance of the corporate structure.

Preserving viable companies stimulates investment and entrepreneurship, maximizes the recovery of credits, job creation, and the economy of a country.

The process of judicial and extrajudicial recovery is an important tool for entrepreneurs, as it allows the company to renegotiate all its liabilities, protecting its assets from executions and proposing a single and viable payment plan.

We have a specialized team that acts as a liaison for renegotiation with suppliers, customers, institutions, unions, and other stakeholders of the company, aiming to facilitate an orderly negotiation between the parties with the purpose of reorganizing the company and ensuring the continuity of its operations.

To ensure that the business liquidation process runs as safely and productively as possible, it is necessary to implement an action plan with strategic and customized solutions according to the organizational structure of each company.

We have developed a detailed mapping of each stage of the process, providing risk management advice, anticipating obstacles, and providing a transparent and agile process.

We have a specialized team that will assist you throughout the process through integrative negotiations, structuring, pricing, and management of buying and selling credit portfolios, minimizing risks and assisting in the analysis of the most profitable options for your company.

We have a team of strategic advisors and interim managers to implement impactful and lasting solutions in companies seeking to restructure their processes and business.

The Interim Management process involves hiring a highly qualified professional with extensive experience in leadership positions in different areas of expertise for a predetermined period to perform a specific task that requires effective results. As an outsider to the company, the interim manager can easily identify problems and implement solutions.

This is an immediate organizational solution for companies that provides breadth, depth, and impartiality in their operations. It is an investment that does not bring risk to the employer and guarantees positive results in the short, medium, and long term through a professional focused on agreed objectives, achieving productivity rates more quickly and generating an impact that maximizes the project’s chances of success.